Cooking Basics Course – 24 Lessons (Only $99)

New to home cooking or looking to refine the skills you already have? Our new Cooking Basics Course is the perfect choice for you! Cooking is just like any other skill and in this 24-part course, we make it simple and easy for you to learn. Go at your own pace and expand your skills including selecting the best ingredients, organizing your kitchen, preparing meals, mastering methods of cooking and more. What are you waiting for? Take the next steps in claiming your cooking mastery today.

Preparing Meals

  • How to Prepare to Cook a Meal

  • Cooking Rice

  • Cooking Pasta

  • Cooking Eggs

  • Working with Chicken

Cooking Methods

  • Braising

  • Thickening

  • Sautéing, Searing, and Frying

  • Roasting and Baking

  • Grilling

Shopping Tips

  • Selecting Meats and Seafood

  • Selecting Produce

  • Ingredient Quality and Freshness

Best Practices

  • Organizing Your Refrigerator

  • Organizing Your Kitchen

  • Food Safety

  • Table Etiquette and Setting the Table

Knife Skills

  • Basic Knife Skills

  • Knife Sharpening

  • Maintaining Your Knives

Cooking Lifestyle

  • Having a Relationship with Food

  • Creating in the Kitchen