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No more hassle or stress about getting your daily meals organized. Every meal is carefully planned out, yet adjustable to your needs.

You receive robust nutrition that not only tastes good, but it satisfies you completely. It hits all levels.

The recipes are very simple and very doable regardless of your experience in the kitchen.

You receive a new menu weekly, always changing and transforming. It gets better every week.


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Cooking Course

Build Your Foundational Skills

Do you desire to learn or to refine your cooking skills?

Because if you do, The Cooking Basics Course is the perfect course for you.

  1. How to select the best ingredients
  2. How to organize your kitchen
  3. How to prepare your meals
  4. Master the methods of cooking

Relax into feeling confident in your body just by eating well.

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At Divine Dish everything is laid out for you on a silver platter.
Every meal is
perfectly formulated to your taste buds and soul.

What Do Our HomeCooks Say?

My lessons from Divine Dish: when things look like they’re not working out in the kitchen, there’s ALWAYS a way to work it to your advantage and have a win!


It’s actually relaxing to be in the kitchen now, and there is a deep peace with cooking. Our relationship with food has changed tremendously in all the most beautiful ways possible 

Charles & Oceana

Divine Dish has become a massive blessing in our lives. Every meal is so delightfully and thoughtfully crafted, the recipes are easy to follow, the ingredients are easy to find, and mealtimes are finally fun.  

Gabe & Briana

Someone has put the love and attention already to give me the perfect meals, and I just get to have fun preparing and enjoying the meals. This is the way food should be! 

Daniel & Deanna

With Divine Dish I feel really joyful and loved with every meal. Now, I am cooking for myself because I love myself and it feels juicy. I can heal my body with unconditional love.  

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………………….Really so easy?

Leesie’s First Try

Eggs Benedict requires a level of finesse and attention that I wasn’t sure I could bring. I had burnt things several times while cooking, and I didn’t want to mess this one up! But, I persisted. I stayed present with what I was doing, and followed the directions step-by-step. And guess what: I nailed it on the first try!

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Divine Dish is alive and grows with you, as the menu perfectly caters to your desires.

Nourishing Your Body

Your Body

You won’t reach for the snacks to tie you over, and you won’t need to grab a quick meal to get you on with your day: Divine Dish satisfies you completely.

No more crashing after meals and reaching for a coffee because you feel energized throughout your day.

What Do Our HomeCook Say About BODY?

Divine Dish is going to support me so much, mind body and soul during my pregnancy and I’m confident in that.

Charles & Oceana

My energy levels are way, way higher than before. I have never been able to create and give so much in my life before. My energy is sustainable, always there!


Divine Dish has changed my life. Now I have what I’ve been desiring for so long! I can be completely satisfied with my diet and health while also having my dream body.


Nourishing Your Mind

Your Mind

You are most likely deprived in some way from not receiving enough from your food.

By “enough” we don’t just mean calories or nutrients, but emotional satisfaction and contentment. “Enough” means your food is healthy, fulfilling, and also completely affordable. You receive enough from your food, energizing and keeping your mind clear.

What Do Our HomeCook Say About MIND?

The recipe and instructions were straightforward, easy to follow and to prepare without any problems. We were pleasantly surprised at how delicious the meal was. We definitely felt satisfied!

Daniel & Christina

Gabe & I are also saving so much time, money, and effort every week now not worrying about where our next meals are coming from or how we’re going to get them together. 

Gabe & Briana

I’ve felt an incredible sense of peace in my whole life because I get to meditate, in a sense, as I am preparing my food. It has had a huge impact on my overall mental health!! I wouldn’t want anyone else to cook my food for me. I love this!


Nourishing Your Soul

Your Soul

Every meal leaves you completely satisfied, nourished, and fulfilled not just nutritionally and calorically, but emotionally and spiritually too! Develop a permanent healthy lifestyle and philosophy around your food. You’ll never have to rubber band yourself back into feeling bad after applying lots of willpower to achieve a temporary result.

What Do Our HomeCook Say About MIND?

I love how Divine Dish meals are made with every single flavor and ingredient in mind so everything flows and “fits” together so harmoniously.


With all the love and care that is poured into every Divine Dish meal, it’s impossible not to give in to my love of food and take care of myself in this area.

Gabe & Briana

I love how easy it was to prepare this meal and it didn’t take me long. So I made myself a delicious meal where I can feel the love from the Divine with every bite.


You can also add your own creative flair making it a unique experience every time.

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No more compromise, no more sacrifice – receive support in both health and emotional fulfillment.


It hits all levels.

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