In today’s class, we review all the progress everyone has made over the course of this workshop and we plan for the next steps ahead to grow and expand our relationship to what our body is asking for and the food we create.

In today’s class we talk about creating a workflow and devising a working plan for each week’s menu. We discuss how important staying prepared and organized is in all facets of our schedule.

In today’s class, we discuss the importance of feeding yourself balanced meals and how that affects your body and the fuel it needs to function at an optimal level. We also talk about how being disciplined in our efforts to being healthy keeps us on track.

In todays class we talk about what we’re feeding our consciousness and what that actually means for each of us. We heal deep layers of false self-perceptions and patterns, which lead to confronting our feelings head-on in this very rich and healing class.

In todays class we talk about weekly and holiday planning, meal prep, and answering what our bodies are calling for.

In today’s class, we talk about cooperation and the choice we all have to join in and co-create our perfect lives. We learn about what it really means to love the whole process of cooking our meals from start to finish. We also go deep into making mistakes.

In this phenomenal class, we talk about how this journey with eating and feeding ourselves is not at all separate or different from your Twin Flame or Life Purpose journey. We heavily focus on doing inner work to heal anything that is not in alignment with our lives by what is being presented to us in food.

In today’s class, we discuss what’s been happening in our lives, all the changes that are taking place and how proud everyone should be for how far they’ve come since we all started.  Everyone recognizes the success they have been having thus far. 

Apologies for the shortened time today there were some connection issues.
In todays class we talk about consistency and going all in. We work through connection and communication. And we choose to give all of ourselves to what we’re doing.

In today’s class, we discuss major changes taking place in all our lives. We find that actually giving ourselves food worthy of our standards has a major impact on how we feel. We also resolve deep wounds of partnerships and choosing what’s best for us.

In today’s class, we discuss ignoring God and all the ways in which someone is not answering God’s call by listening to how they feel. We also get an amazing example of how listening to your feelings always leads you to the answer that you need. 

In todays class we talk about communicating to our bodies and determining how our bodies want to be fed. We explore the contrast some are having from making a core choice to eat healthy and not completely following that choice. We also have some homework to do for the next class that those of you watching the recordings can follow along with and take part in also. 

In todays class we dive into everyone’s homework assignments from the previous week. We recognize deep insights and awareness’s this assignment brought up for everyone. Many breakthroughs and changes occurring for everyone.

In today’s class we check in on our progress so far, we reflect on what we have done in the past and the changes that we have implemented thus far. We acknowledge some of the contrast that we’ve been holding onto and make new choices to move forward with what we desire for ourselves. We also go deeper into healing misalignments with treating our bodies as a temple and loving ourselves completely in this way. 

In todays class we talk about creating with God and how creating meals is a great way to receive instant feedback on how well you are partnering with God in your creating. We also get clear on what the right moves are for us and go deep into healing happiness with life purpose.

In today’s class, we talk about executing properly and how that makes the world of difference in anything you do. We discuss handling everything with precision and care, paying close attention to the finer details to handcraft your experience. We also heal deep wounds around being good enough.

In today’s class we discuss very simple steps to menu planning. How utilizing your resources to pre-planning meals will save time, money, and allow you to create wonderful experiences for yourself through your meals. We also do some deep healing with making ourselves a priority. 

In todays class we discuss intuitively eating and nourishing ourselves. We go into how to plan in advance and some steps to take to knowing what ingredients you would like to work with and also what to pair together to make a composed dish. We also go deep into wounding from childhood eating habits that no longer serve a purpose holding onto and move forward into a balanced nutritious healthy way of eating.

Today we discuss the importance of organization and setting ourselves up for success. When you have everything you possibly can set up in advance, leaving some leeway for variable change, you relieve alot of stress and pressure. This is the foundation to achieving the goals you have set out to accomplish. We also go deeper into healing childhood eating patterns and into adulting.

In todays class we talk about Herbs & Spices, going over the most common and basic uses to ensure you get the most flavor out of them. We also talk about the successes we are having from feeding ourselves in a loving way.

In todays workshop we learn about flavor profiles, building and layering flavor. Different techniques to add depth for establishing high, medium and low notes within your dish. We work through sharing our creations and being proud of what we’re doing. I also get very trolled with microwaves…

This week we get clear on what we desire out of our relationship to eating and food. We discuss meal preparation and go thru some basic steps to cooking that add alot more flavor, subsequently making what we eat more desirable. Looking forward to eating your meals because of how delicious they will be, makes creating them more fun.

In todays workshop we discuss basic methods of cooking to broaden what we can accomplish in the kitchen, opening ourselves up to a limitless amount of possibilities of cooking and eating. We also touch on creating a weekly meal plan for a more efficient way to plan and shop. As well as correct some not so beneficial eating patterns.